Ambuflex Plus

The outpatient care insurance tailored to a flexible remuneration package.

What Is Ambuflex Plus?

Ambuflex Plus was especially developed for clients having a hospitalisation insurance at Vanbreda and who offer their employees a flexible remuneration package.

Get More Out of Your Remuneration With the Ambuflex Plus Outpatient Care Insurance

Thanks to this innovative type of remuneration, your employer gives you each year the opportunity  to spend (a part of) your flexible remuneration package, according to your personal needs, on an outpatient care insurance  for yourself and your family members. The affiliation itself does not involve any medical formalities or waiting periods.

Ambuflex Plus offers an affordable basic coverage for your entire family and this for  general outpatient care,  dental care and optical care. It is  financially more attractive to opt for Ambuflex Plus outpatient care insurance as part of your flexible remuneration package than taking out  a similar outpatient insurance on an individual basis. Ambuflex Plus not only offers a competitive fee, you  also have the possibility of financing the insurance from your gross salary.

What Exactly Is Outpatient Care?

By ‘outpatient care’ we mean all the medical care you can receive besides a hospitalisation. This includes a visit to your GP or a  specialist, a scan or ultrasound scan, a physiotherapy treatment, etc. Even buying medicines at a pharmacy is considered as  outpatient medical costs.

Such costs can add up quickly and the majority are often at the expense of the patient. The  general collective hospitalisation insurance offered by your employer only covers expenses incurred as a result of a hospitalisation or a serious illness

Which Costs Are Covered?

Basic ‘Outpatient Care’ coverage:

  • reimbursement of 100% for treatment recognised by NIHDI and for which the insured receives statutory compensation:
    • doctors’ fees, except for dental care
    • medical and paramedical treatment included in the following exhaustive list:
      • medical imaging and lab tests
      • nursing care
      • physiotherapy, movement and occupational therapy
      • speech therapy
  • reimbursement of 100% for registered medicines
  • up to an annual ceiling according to family size
  • without any  deductible

You have the option to extend your basic cover with an extra ‘Optical & Dental’ coverage. However, taking out the ‘Optical & Dental’ extension only is not possible.

‘Optical & Dental’ extension:

  • reimbursement of 80% for treatment recognised by NIHDI:
    • Consultations, dental care and dental treatments by a odontologist
      Dental extractions : in principle NIHDI only recognises this service for children up to 18 years old and for adults from the age of 50 years. This means that Ambuflex Plus will only intervene in the costs in those specific cases. NIHDI does provide for a number of exceptions. In that case, dental extractions can be recognized exceptionally outside these age groups. Contact your health care professional for more information!
    • orthodontic treatment for insured persons up to the age of 25
  • reimbursement of 60% for dental prostheses and max. 1 reimbursement every 3 years for the same tooth:
    • removable dental prostheses recognised by the NIHDI
    • fixed dental prostheses such as implants, pivot crowns, crowns and bridges
  • reimbursement of 60% for corrective glasses and contact lenses and max. EUR 100,00 reimbursement per insured and per insurance year for optical frames
  • up to an annual ceiling per insured person

Upon enrolment, you can choose to subscribe only yourself or both yourself and all  your family members. Affiliation is only possible on the annual renewal date and this for a full 12 month insurance year.

To determine the annual ceiling per family for the basic ‘Outpatient Care’ cover, the family situation is reviewed on each renewal date. At that time, the annual ceiling will be determined for the new insurance year. Adjustments to the coverage as a result of a change in the family situation are only possible on the next annual renewal date.

Want to know more?

Please refer to the product sheet and the price list.

Make a simulation and calculate the advantage of Ambuflex Plus for your specific family situation.

How Do I Submit My Outpatient Costs?

Thanks to the Vanbreda app, managing your medical data has never been easier!

You can easily submit your medical expenses online:

by  setting up personal profiles for yourself and your family members, you only need to enter your personal data once.

No scanner at hand? Just take a picture of your document using  the app and submit it online!

You always have your Vanbreda cards at hand, wherever you are.

You receive free access to the additional AssurPharma service. Thanks to this additional service, you can submit your pharmacy bills immediately, securely and digitally, by simply having your barcode scanned at the pharmacy.

Use these buttons to install the app on your smartphone or tablet.


Or go to this website, where you will also find useful links to the FAQs and General Terms and Conditions.

Not convinced of the advantages of the App? You can submit your medical costs via this online form.